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September 30, 2020

Renee got her results back.



Not what you want to hear after you just went on a weekend camping trip with Renee, your college aged daughter, five of your other kids, a son-in-law, your lovely wife and three grandkids.

We found out on Sunday that one of Renee’s roommates tested positive for COVID. Renee left immediately to go get tested. We weren’t too worried because she wasn’t too worried.

I don’t share a bathroom with her. And the only time I’ve seen in the past week was when I walked past her in the hallway.

Still we anxiously waited for the results. I have a daughter getting married on Friday.

But, we weren’t worried. . .much.

And then today, the results came back. So, what happens now?

First off, a two week quarantine. Not a simple, “wear a mask and social distance.” Nope. More of a “lock the doors and use the WalMart delivery service” quarantine.

And we went to get tested, right?


Turns out if you don’t have symptoms, they want you to wait until seven days after your exposure. Okay, we just sit around for a week. Wedding on Friday? Yeah, good luck. Not going to happen with us there. Well, it will happen. We just won’t be there.

And I have three daughters who are pregnant. One of them might be induced on Saturday. New grandchild? Not with us there.

But, it’s cool. Sure, we all work from home. . .except my son who works at Burger King, and my daughter who volunteers at a discount clothing store. She’s now at home.

But, I work from home. And my son does his college schooling remotely. But, my high schooler is now stuck at home. Oh, and no football practice.

Varsity football games are by invitation only. We have five tickets set aside for us. My friend, whose son is also on the team texted me before he found out about our quarantine.

Do you have any tickets available for this Friday’s game?

Funny you should ask.

I haven’t been to a Mason’s meeting since February. We finally got permission to go back to lodge. . .this Thursday. Nope, not with me.

I have one son who is waiting to serve a mission. He spends a lot of time playing Call of Duty online. He’s going to be okay you’d think. We don’t let him play when his siter the missionary is home. Oops.

The family meeting was fun. . .in a “let’s disappoint everyone at the same time” kind of way.

We have a big house. We’ll see over the next to weeks if it’s big enough.

Stay safe

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