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If Someone Left You An Anonymous Gift. . .Would You Check The Security Cameras?

September 28, 2020

It’s strange that I don’t have to ask if you have a security system. I mean, doesn’t everyone?

Here’s the setup. You get up in the morning and find a present outside your garage door. No, not that kind of present. One that you might actually like. No note.

You made these contributions anonymously. Why?

I wanted them to be anonymous.
-Absence of Malice

Would you check the security cameras? I mean, the person obviously wanted to remain anonymous. Otherwise he (or she) would leave a note, right?

I asked my friends on Facebook. There responses spanned the gammit. Some didn’t want to know. Some wanted someone else to check for them. Others were admit that “Of course!” they would check. Some even suggested they would check the cameras even before checking the package.

I hadn’t even thought of that. The idea that it might be dangerous. We have a sign on door identifying that we have people who are auto-immune compromised in our house. So, UPS and FedEx just leave packages on the porch. We don’t even think twice about checking a package.

Maybe we should.

But, this time “the package” didn’t seem dangerous at all. In fact, a close friend could not have picked a more appropriate gift for me. It was two gifts, actually. A brand new black Stanley rolling toolchest and a used red Snap-on toolchest.

Snap-on tools are considered some of the finest tools available. In fact, if you had offered me my choice of a used Snap-on or a new Stanley, I would probably take the Snap-on. But, I didn’t need to choose. I had both.

And it was obvious that the boxes weren’t there by accident. They were practically hidden behind the car that I’m replacing the power steering pump on.

This wasn’t the first time we had found something in our yard. The first was a baby stroller. But, we live at the bottom of our cul-de-sac and we assumed that it must have rolled into our yard. None of our neighbors claimed to have seen it before. We posted in the neighborhood Facebook groups and no one claimed it.

I now think that it was probably the same benefactor as the tool chests. (I never did think the stroller could have rolled that far into our yard.)

The toolchests will be put to use immediately. No mechanic ever has too many tools or too many chests to hold them in.

The cameras hold 3-4 months worth of recordings. I can choose to go back and check in teh future. Or I can choose to never check.

I think I have an idea of where they came from. And yet, by not checking, I can assume they are from any of my neighbors. If I check the cameras, I limit it to a single person. A person who apparently doesn’t want to be known.

What would you do? Would you remove the doubt? Would you remain in the dark?

I think a little mystery is good from time to time.

Stay safe

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