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Life Is Precious

August 25, 2020

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that Life Is Fatal. Like the Mrs Packard character in Disney’s Atlantis stated:

We’re all gonna die.

Ironic that I should write that yesterday. As you may have noticed if you’ve frequented these pages for very long, I typically write each day as the inspiration strikes. Sometimes I have an idea well in advance of what I want to say. Other times inspiration strikes as I put my hands to the keybaord.

Yesterday’s post warned against clinging to life too tightly. Don’t be so afraid of dying that you forget to live.

And then today happened. Today a dear friend in a state 1000 miles away was found unconscious at the foot of his stairs. He’d been there at least a day.

Tonight he’s in the ICU clinging to life. We don’t know if he’ll live or die. He hasn’t regained consciousness. He’s also diabetic. We don’t know how long he was laying there at the foot of his stairs. Was it long enough for his blood sugar to drop too low?

And now my words from yesterday sound hollow. Callous even. And, of course, guilt. Did I reach out to him enough? Was this a suicide attempt, or an unfortunate fall by an older man who lived alone?

So many questions. And the person who can answer them is lying in a medically induced coma in the ICU.

Yes, Life is Fatal. It’s important to embrace life. But, life is also precious. And we never know when our friends might be taken from us without a moment’s notice.

Stay safe

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