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Maybe Some Sunshine And Rainbows?

June 11, 2020

Life ain’t all sunshine and rainbows.
– Rocky Balboa

Not “all” but some, right?

My friend Rachel Solomon is a piano player. She’s been out of work for the past 11 weeks. So, to keep her occupied and stay connected to her fans, she does virtual piano bars. Twice a week, she puts on a web broadcast for a couple of hours. It’s your typical piano bar. She takes requests. Accepts tips. Jokes with the crowd. She acknowledges her regulars. She notices new comers. And she does themes.

The only thing is that it’s virtual. She’s in Nashville. Her fans are located all over the world. She’s done a night devoted to 80’s music. She did one that was all original music. (Rachel has two CD’s released.) And today she did one focused on upbeat and positive music.

So, there was lots of happy tunes. Songs about sunshine and rainbows.

I needed a little sunshine and rainbows today. Maybe you did to. If so, I hope you found some. Tomorrow is soon enough to think about the the rain and the storms.

Stay safe

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