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A Writer Afraid To Write

April 8, 2020

It took a long time for me to identify as a writer. Even after I’d cowritten two books, numerous magazine (pre-blog days) articles and stories. I just wasn’t comfortable taking on that label.

Obviously I got comfortable with it. Although, I should say more comfortable. Because there’s still a part of me that just laughs at myself when I say I’m a “writer.”

If you’ve been following my scribblings here for any length of time, you (hopefully) are slightly confused when I talk about a discomfort with writing. I’ve been posting daily for the past several years. (I think it’s 7, but it depends on how you count.)

I have a chance to do some ghostwriting for a popular social media personality. He has 13,000 people on his email list. He’s literally begging me for content. We have been friends for years. He’s a great writer himself, but is currently incredibly busy.

He called me today,

Are you still interested in writing something for my newsletter?

I am. It’s just that it’s triggering my anxiety. I know that’s kind of weird. . .

No, no, not at all. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I had the same situation when I was writing with Tim. Trust me, I know that feeling well.

My relationship with my friend is not going to hinge on whether or not I supply him with some content. I even have the topics all listed on my whiteboard from the last time we talked. And while I’ve been busy, I haven’t been that busy.

What do you do with a writer who is afraid to write? Fortunately, my friend gave me some good adive from his own experience.

Why don’t you try what worked for me. Just send me a couple of topics, and I’ll write them. In fact, I’ll steal your idea and completely own it.

Okay. . .

And at that point, the pressure is off. Just seeing your idea get created will kick in that creative muse that says, “That was my idea. I did that.” After that, it will be easier to write your own ideas.

We often look at others who are doing the things that we aren’t, be it writing or sports, or relationships, or just playing with a kitten, and think they have always been that way. That it must be easy for them because it’s hard for you.

Trust me, it was hard for them once too. Just trust yourself and don’t compare.

And, yes, I’m talking to myself again.

Stay safe.

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