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Just A Picture. . .Told In Slightly Less Than 1000 Words

February 24, 2020

Today’s post is just a picture. The thing is, the picture, as near as I can tell, only exists in my head. It exists somewhere or at least it did. I saw it long enough ago that I can’t remember when I saw it, but recently enough that I can remember the image.

The image centers around a deer. He’s obviously an old buck. He has a nice rack of antlers. He’s standing on a hill. Down below him, are two young fawns playing in the middle of a moutain road. Off in the distance, visible to the buck, but hidden from the fawns, a car is headed their way.

The caption reads “How can he warn them?”

The message, of course, is the idea that the buck, oh, let’s call him the dad just because I’m a dad, understands the danger. He’s seen it before. Maybe he’s even had kids hit by cars in the past. If he could only convince the fawns to leave the road, he can save their lives.

But, the fawns, probably teenagers, don’t need him to warn them about anything. They are convinced that they have it all figured out. And they don’t see the danger. In fact, they don’t have a word to describe the danger.

What is this thing called “car?” Or “truck?” Or “Stopping distance?” Or “reaction time?”

Okay, maybe the dad deer might not understand those terms either, but many dad’s understand those terms and others as well.

The problem with the poster is that it asks the question, but it doesn’t provide any answer.

And having been a dad for years, I can tell you that after all these years, I still don’t know how to warn them.

That’s why I decided today I wasn’t going to write anything. Just post that picture, or meme if will.

Sorry to not offer any context around the picture, but it’s just that kind of a day.

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