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What I’m Doing While NOT Going To The Gym

January 29, 2020

The start of a new year is the chance to set new goals and new resolutions. Like many people, especially those of us who have seen a few more Januarys, we want to get in better shape.

Everyone knows that January is a terrible time to go to the gym. It’s like Yogi Berra used to say,

That place is so crowded no one goes there anymore.

Gym’s have an interesting business model. Especially when it comes to Gym memberships. You sign up for a gym membership so that you can go to the gym whenever you want. The Gym takes your membership money, and that of your fellow weekend warrior athletes and uses it to buy equipment. The more members, the more membership dues and the more equipment they can buy. But, here’s the catch. The more members, the more crowded it becomes. The more crowded, the less people want to show up. The fewer people, the less dues. The less dues, the less money to buy more equipment.

So, the gyms want lots of people to sign up and then few people to actually show up. Is it any wonder that they want you to save money by signing that two year contract?

I have a gym membership, I guess. We have a family pass for the community rec center. It has all the amenities, basketball courts, weight sets, indoor track.

I don’t go often and definitely not in January. It will be mostly cleared out by mid February.

But, I do have “get better” resolutions for 2020. And while I didn’t plan it, I ended up planning them all in January. Maybe it’s an insurance, use-your-bennies card, impulse, I’m not sure.

My get well resolutions started with that unpleasant exam that men over 50 are supposed to get. They discovered a benign polyp and removed it.

You might experience some soreness

Yeah, like getting punched in the gut from the inside out.

Then, there was the hearing test. (Huh? What Was that?) My hearing is fine. Maybe a few too many shooting sessions as a kid with no ear protection.

Next up was the dentist. My dentist has been treating me for periodontal disease. It’s a gum disease. And the dentist has been working on it for about 18 months. My last dentist appointment was 9 months ago. I kind of got off their “Come see us every 4 month” schedule.

Well, not only were their no cavities, but the periodontal issue seems to have cleared up too. I’m back on a regular six month “brush and floss more, even though you had no issues” schedule.

Next up is an eye exam next week. It’s been a few years since I last sat for the “Which is better this or this” test. Technically, the eye exam will be in February, so I guess I didn’t get them all done in January.

Maybe after my eye exam in February, I’ll try out my Rec Center pass. The crowds should be cleared out by then.

Did you make any New Year resolutions? How are you doing on them? Remember, it’s not about the destination. The success is in the journey.

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