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Breakfast (And Dinner) Of Champions

January 9, 2020

Salad, yogurt, Quaker granola bars, orange juice, sliced watermelon, popcorn and some fresh fruit. Oh, and some plastic silverware.

I’m not really a foodie.

I like salmon, if it’s fresh and hasn’t ever been frozen. I travel with people who are foodies. At one point my friend Marcus called me from a vacation in Seattle. I grew up in the Seattle area about 40 miles south in Olympia, the capital. We fished for salmon in Puget Sound. My dad’s friends used to drop off whole salmon at our house after they’d spent the day fishing. To say it was fresh doesn’t do justice to the word fresh.

We’d broil salmon steaks with lemon juice. We’d mix the salmon up with mayonaise and eat it on fresh baked bread.

I know the difference between fresh salmon and . . .well, anything else.

Anyway, I’d told the story to my friend Marcus. He really was a foodie. He lived in Utah but went on vacation to Seattle. He called me one night,

Rodney, I’m at a place called Anthony’s on the waterfront in Seattle.

Yeah, that’s a nice place.

After all your talk about how fresh salmon tastes so different, I decided to order it.

How was it?

Well, it was good enough that I’m calling you to say, ‘You’re right.’

But, if it’s not fresh salmon, I’m not much of a food guy. If there’s no one to go to dinner with on a trip, I typically don’t want to bother with the hassle. I’d as soon go back to my hotel room and write.

But, I need to eat, of course. And my company reimburses $35 per day for food. My solution is to find a Walmart, or a Kroger’s or a Publix and buy my dinner. The funny thing is that when I buy it at Publix, I typically eat healthier than if I eat at a restaurant, or even at home.

I’ve found I like salads if someone will make them for me. I like fresh fruit. The granola bars I can take on the plane. The yogurt and orange juice are for breakfast the next morning.

I would buy more orange juice or maybe even water except, of course you can’t take that on the plane.

You can get a very nice dinner at most restaurants for $35. Or, you can get several meals worth of salad and fresh fruit at Publix.

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