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Fly Away Home

December 19, 2019

It’s second nature now. Packing is a 15 minute task. Doesn’t matter if the trip is for a couple days or a week. I have a completely seperate set of toiletries. They just live in my suitcase. I top off the toothpaste and the shampoo occasionally.

But, for 2019 it’s over. I can finally put away my suitcase. Stop worrying about weather conditions to the airport. Today I flew home for the last time in 2019.

It’s been a busy year. I logged over 60,000 miles, 5,000 miles per month on average. It’s not a large number compared to some of my friends who are professional road warriors. But, it was a lot for me.

I’ve been to Kentucky, Virginia, Florida, Louisiana, and then a trip to Manila. I’ve been back and forth across the United States more than I can count. Even when I go to Louisiana, which is in the Central Time Zone I end up flying across the country because DELTA stands for “Dang, everything leaves through Atlanta.”

I driven dozens of rental cars, and slept more than a month in hotels. I’m not sure, but maybe three months worth? I can’t remember and there’s no point in keeping track.

I don’t mind travel. My jobs have always included a fair amount of travel. Microsoft sent me to Dubai, Mexico, Greece. My lovely wife and I have been to India, Haiti and Columbia to adopt. I spent a week in China about 20 years ago adopting my son.

Travel used to be more fun before 9/11. It’s not nearly as convenient. It also used to be common to have the middle seat empty. Now, airlines have mastered the art of having “a completely full plane today. . .we will run out of overhead space.” I don’t worry about that anymore. First because they will check my bag for free at the gate if I want. But, I’m now at a level where I get on the plane first and get to store my bag.

I noticed on this last trip that the airport was upgraded. Not Salt Lake City, but the airport in a small town in Louisiana that I haven’t been to in six months.

I go to the same locations enough, I no longer need directions from the airport. But, then none of us need directions anymore. Our phones know all and see all and if you just keep a charging cord handy, will be all.

I shared the shuttle bus with two other frequent travellers. We all spoke the same language. Understood the same jokes. And were all grateful to be done travelling for the year.

Now, I can rest.

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