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Thankful To Work On Thanksgiving?

November 29, 2019

In a word, Yes.

We had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. We had turkey, two in fact. We had potatoes, four kinds; potato salad, mashed potatoes, potatoes ah gratin and potatoes baked in the same pan as the turkey. There was salad, olives, deviled eggs, pickled okra, cranberry sauce and jello.

There was also pie. We had 15 people and 19 pies. My daughter and her family of five brought five pies.

We have too many pies.

There’s no such thing as too many pies. There should always be more pies than people.

Well, I guess it’s a good thing we brought five.

After we had eaten the dinner, and the pie, and watched some football, we went around the room and each named five things we were thankful for.

As the dad, I went last.

I’m grateful for my job. I’ve had to work everyday this week, despite saying I was on vacation. I even had to take a call this morning. But, I remember not having a job. Having a job is way better than not having a job.

I’m grateful for my lovely wife. She is the one who makes sure we have these dinners. Even though we might be working in the kitchen. She’s the one making it happen.

I’m grateful for the Gospel and all that entails including Jesus Christ as our savior.

I’m grateful that I can fix stuff. Whether it’s cars or woodworking projects, or home repairs, I appreciate the fact that I have the skills and that I enjoy it. Many people don’t.

And finally, this time of year. . . I’m grateful for pie.

Hope your Thanksgiving was safe, memorable and spent with those you love.

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