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Vaguebooking. Do You Vaguebook? Watch Me Vaguebook! Here I Am Vaguebooking

October 23, 2019

Vaguebooking: Posting an obscure or incomplete message to social media with the intent of letting people know you have something to say without saying it.

Generally considered a rude practice.

We’ve all seen them. The post either on Twitter or Instagram, or sometimes even LinkedIn!, but mostly on facebook with a vague message that appears to suggest some exciting or more often distressing news without actually telling you what it is they are excited or distressed about.

It’s rude. It’s typically an effort by the poster to get readers to respond with a question of

What’s wrong?

What happened?

Sometimes people will even guess.

Did you get a new job?

Is someone in the hospital?

I try not to vaguebook. After all it’s rude. But, there are also times where someone posts a vaguebook post and they don’t want any questions. They don’t want to share news. They are just a little overwhelmed. Caught off guard. In need of a chance to blow off steam without having to go into all the details.

Keep that in mind as you read the next line,

Arggg! He shoudl be in jail. She should not. Lies are never a good strategy. They will catch up with you. And when they do, sometimes exposing the lie is worse than the original truth would be. And lies are going to keep her in jail and lies are going to lead him to jail at some point.

Sorry, that’s it. That’s all I’m writing or saying about it. Maybe I’ll write their stoeis one day. But, it will be many, many years in the future.

Sorry to vaguebook on you. Come back tomorrow for a fun story about “Dude, where’s my car?”

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