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Freedom Isn’t Free

October 15, 2019

I don’t often write about politics. There are plenty of places online you can get your fill of politics and more. I would hope that my few scribblings here can appeal to both the political and the apolitical.

So, today’s post is a departure. Because sometimes if you have a platform and refuse to use it, you might as well not have a platform at all.

I don’t have a clever duality in message to share. I don’t have some intricate logic path to share with you. I’m not even totally sure I’m right. I’m only sure that I need to say something.

Free Hong Kong

The citizens are fighting for their lives. Twenty years ago it was Tiananmen Square. Students protesting. . .peacefully. And then, the tanks rolled and the blood flowed in the streets and we were shocked and horrified and some of us vowed it should never happen again.

It’s been twenty years.

Don’t let it happen again.

Free Hong Kong

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