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That Time I Took Part In A Drug Deal

October 1, 2019

Okay, it wasn’t an actual drug deal, but it sure felt like it.

Yesterday was a memorable day. After six months and 162 games played by 30 different teams, the 2019 baseball regular season came to an end. It’s said that every team except the champion ends in a loss. That’s not true. In fact, the Mariners, who had a terrible season at 68 wins and 94 losses, actually won their last game of the season 3-1 over the Oakland A’s. The Mariners are done with their season and the A’s are headed to the playoffs.

Ten teams made the playoffs, five from the National League and five from the American League. In addition to the A’s, the three division champions from the American league advanced; the Astros, the Twins, and the Yankees. The other wildcard team is the Tampa Bay Rays. From the National League, the trhee division champions are the Braves, the Cardinals and the Dodgers. The Wildcard teams are the Brewers and the Washington Nationals.

The Nationals and the Brewers played today. The Nationals beat the Brewers in a thrilling come from behind victory in Washington DC. I’m secretly rooting for the Nationals. Well, not so secretly. I want to see the Nationals win for three reasons.

First, their are two teams in all of Major League baseball that have never been to the World Series. My beleaguered Seattle Mariners and the Washington Nationals. Before the Nationals there was another MLB team in DC, the Washington Senators. The Senators went to the Series and 1924. In 1960 they left DC to become the Atlanta Braves.

So, if the Nationals go to the Series, Seattle will be the lone king of Futility Hill. Not that I don’t want to see Seattle make it to the championship, but if they are going to be hapless losers, I at least want them to be exclusive hapless losers.

The second reason I want to Nationals to enjoy a long playoff run is completely selfish. I might end up in Virginia in a couple of weeks. I’ve never seen the Nationals stadium. I’d like a chance to see a game there. My bucket list only has a single item left on it. I want to see a game in every major league baseball park. So far, I’ve se 12 of the 30. Nationals would be one more off the list.

The tickets will be hugely expensive, and I might have to scalp them, but, I at least want the option.

I’ve attended games before on a scalped ticket. The worst experience was at a Red Sox game. They were playing the Yankees and it was the last series of the year. It’s technically illegal to scalp Red Sox tickets. But, that just means you have to be careful to not get caught. The consierge at the hotel told me to walk to a particular spot out in front the stadium and someone would approach me. I then had to go to a pizza place on the corner and go into the men’s room. I had about a 30 second window when a man would come in and offer me a ticket. I had to have my money ready because he would only stay in the bathroom a few seconds.

It really did feel like a drug deal. And for $40 I got a $20 seat in the lower bowl to watch the Red Sox attempt to take down the Yankees.

You see, there is a third reason I want the Nationals to win. But, it’s the same reason I want every other team currently in the playoffs to lead. Every team except one. Because, as I’ve said, the Mariners are my favorite team. But, I actually have two favorite teams: The Mariners. . .and anyone who plays the Yankees.

Let the playoffs begin!

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  1. Eric S Scott permalink

    My wife was at the Nationals-Brewers game last night. She loves baseball and softball. Might appreciate an excuse to see another game. For sure the tickets are gonna be WAY more than $40, though. Lemme know when and if ya wanna meet up….


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