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Nerds And Rock Stars

September 24, 2019

I enjoy conventions. Especially computer conventions. I’ve always been a bit of nerd, and conventions are places that nerds get to be the stars. Or at least they get to be accepted and don’t have to excuse their nerdiness.

I remember attending a high school reunion. I think it was the 20th. A guy from high school mentioned that he was a computer consultant helping companies move from IPv4 to IPv6.

So, if a company is already on IPv4 do the devices have dual IP, or can you create a gateway that lets you communicate between IPv4 and IPv6?

You know what, Rodney? Let’s just focus on the reunion.

But, at conventions, you can hold those nerdy conversations and nobody thinks they are out of place.

During the day conventions are all about techy-nerdy topics. But, the conventions also provide entertainment. And a ticket to the convention also provided you a ticket to the entertainment.

My favorite was the Novell Brainshare convention where we got a private concert from Huey Lewis and The News. They were somewhat past their prime at that point, but the music was just as great as when I first heard it in the 1980s.

One more reason I love conventions. You can be a nerd and get to hang around rock stars.

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