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Halfway Home

September 9, 2019

It’s about 1400 miles from the Mexico border to the Canada border. Of course, it depends on where you start and end, of course. But, if you take I-5 from San Diego California on the Southern border North to Blain Washington on the Canadian border, it’s 1,371.9 miles. (Not sure where Google got that .9, but it’s probably accurate.)

Today, I travelled half that distance. I started the day at my brother-in-law’s ranch in Benson, Arizon. We headed North. We drove around the East end of the Grand Canyon and crossed the Colorado at Glen Canyon Dam.

We drove for hours and hours. We started out in a desert populated with sagura, barrel and pear cactus. The temperatures ranged from hot, 100+, to. . .also hot of 80 degrees. We left at 8:00 AM and arrived around 11:30pm.

We had two cars. Well, Yukon SUV and a Toyota Camery. It wasn’t supposed to be a trip with two cars. We originally were only going to take one car, five kids and two adults. “Kids” is a bit of a misnomer. The kids range in age from 16 to 19. At the last minute, another kid decided he wanted to go too.

That was last week. We took a trip to grandma’s (their’s not mine) in Phoenix. And then off to a brother-in-law’s farther South in Benson, Arizona.

Today was the return. According to Google, it’s 786.2 miles from Benson Arizona to our home in Pleasant Grove Utah. That’s more than half way across the United States. It used to take weeks, or months to make that distance. We did it in slightly more than the 12 hours, 6 minutes that Google said it would take.

So, we literally went halfway and made it home.

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