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When The Best Thing Is To Give Up The Good Thing

August 21, 2019

When I was in high school, I once made a really stupid poster around Christmas time saying, “All I want for Christmas is a date with my favorite cheerleader.”

I never got that present for Christmas. I’m pretty sure that my life is no worse for never getting a date with Becky Bruner.

In college, I was pretty smitten by a pretty girl in my computer science 142 class. I really wanted to date her. . and then, I really wanted to make her my girlfriend. . .and then I really wanted to make her my fiancee, and then my wife.

I’m pretty sure my life would be much worse off if I hadn’t been married to her for the past three decades.

When I worked for Microsoft I had a job that I really loved. It was a trainer job. I had a great manager. I got to travel occasionally. I created training materials for one of the greatest software companies in the world.

But, eventually, things changed. No matter how much I liked my job, management decided that a change had to be made. And I no longer had one of the best jobs I’d ever had.

But, that job led to a better job. My time at Microsoft has opened doors in ways that positions at few other companeis could have.

Still it was a good job. And I loved my manager.

I have a job I love. It lets me travel. I get to do really interesting things. I have a manager that I absolutely love working for.

Management called.

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