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The Finest Restaurant. . .Serve Yourself!

July 31, 2019

I had my choice. I was on a trip for business. Like most companies, mine allows a certain amount for meals when its employees travel. I’d been travelling all day, which meant, I hadn’t really had a chance to eat at all.

In other words, I still had the entire daily amount for food available. That gave me options for where to eat. If I chose I could splurge on a nice meal. Maybe a nice steak somewhere. Or an expensive Italian place.

I picked the nice place I could think of. I got a hotdog, fries and a large Sierra Mist. . .it came in a commemorative cup. I had to stand in line to order and carry the food to my seat myself. The seat had no table, but a great view.

I’m in Columbus Ohio for a business meeting. I arrived the day before. Travel from Salt Lake City to Ohio takes most of the day. I left Utah at 8:30 in the morning and arrived in Columbus at 4:41 in the afternoon. And I got out of the airport about 5:30. It’s about 2 drive from Columbus to Cleveland, Ohio where I wanted to have dinner.

Progressive Field is the home of the Cleveland Indians baseball team. I managed to arrive by the third inning. The game started at 7:10 and I arrived in the third inning. Justin Verlander, the ace for the Houston Astros pitched a gem. He allowed two hits over seven innings while striking out 13.

The hometown Indians played well, but Houston is one of the best teams in the league. From my seat high in the upper deck in section 510, I at my hotdog and fries, drank my Sierra Mist in the commemorative cup and then snacked on peanuts before slipping out to beat the traffic in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Given the price of stadium food, my dinner was still less than a really nice steakhouse. But, the view? Well, I’m not sure there’s a steakhouse in the country with a view like that.

Progressive Field is the tenth MLB ballpark I have seen a game in. Twenty to go.

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