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The Hurricane That Hit Utah

July 11, 2019

I’m in North Carolina. I’ve been here all week. I fly home tomorrow. But, my eyes are on the storm forming in the Gulf of Mexico. I’m hundreds of miles from it. Tomorrow night, I’ll be thousands of miles from it. And yet, it’s dictating my travel choices.

Next week I’m supposed to be in Louisiana. Should I try to get in on Sunday? Wait for Monday? By Tuesday it would be too late. Our company has offices all over the United States. My centers are in Utah, the East Coast and Louisiana. Next week we have visitors from the client meeting us in Louisiana. We have meetings scheduled all week. They’ve been on the schedule for months. In fact, it’s the final week of a project that has consumed most of the summer. No one wants to delay.

So, this afternoon we looked at the weather map before the client left our North Carolina office. During our team meeting later in the afternoon, we started with a map and the projected impact areas.

We debated the potential impact. We drew up contingency plans. We set timelines for when to call in additional people from other sites. We double checked our flights. The client is driving in from Oklahoma, so they don’t have to worry about cancelled flights. The fact they are driving also means they will for sure be there.

So, I’ll for sure be there.

And rain is going to be there.

Ultimately, I decided I’d leave my Sunday flight. If I get bumped, I’ll let Delta find me the next available flight. My flight to Louisiana starts in North Carolina, has a layover in Salt Lake City, then routes to Atlanta and hopefully flies over Tropical Storm Barry into Northern Louisiana.

I might be the only one in Utah who’s being affected by the hurricane.

Guess, I’ll be packing an my rain gear.

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