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Game Night – Star Trek

January 24, 2019

Yeah, I’m geeky about this game. The only thing I’m more of a geek about is baseball.

This is a post about the game Star Trek Attack Wing. Read more about it here.

One of my 2019 goals is to spend more time with my Masonic lodge brethern. I’ve been a member of Story Lodge #4 of Provo, Utah for over 10 years. In fact, I seem to be the most senior member among active members. But, over the past few years, my attendance has dwindled. I paid my dues every year, but often that was my only meeting.

So, I made it a point to attend our first business meeting of the year a couple weeks ago. And then they said, “We’re going to have a game night. . .”

So, tonight I went to the game night, and took my extensive collection of Star Trek Attack Wing ships. Actually, I took a portion of my ships. My collection is larger than I can easily take to game night.

To make the game go quicker, I pre-built a group of ships, eight in all. I chose to make them faction pure, meaning all Federation upgrades on Federation ships. All Klingon, Romulan, etc.

This isn’t the way Attack Wing has to be played. But, no one at Lodge tonight knew the game. But, they knew Star Trek. So, we had Captains Kirk and Picard on Enterprise ships. They faced off against Klingon ships captained by Kor and Gawron.

We had five players plus me. We ran two games. I spent the first 15 minutes explaining the rules. While Attack Wing can be a complex game, at its heart it’s about moving and shooting. So, that’s what I explained first. Well, that and how to win.

We got into the game as quickly as possible. As the games continued, I explained more and more of the upgrades and strategy. By the time the night was over, my ship was destroyed, and the two Constitution class ships, and five people were telling me that I should bring it again next time.

Who knows, I might have even convinced a few to pick up the game. And having more people to play with si what makes games enjoyable.

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