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Call Me By My Name

January 15, 2019


Do you know how to pronounce these names?

Are you sure?


A friend of mine is a professional comedian. His most recent world tour included the city of Edinburgh Scotland.

How did you say that in your mind?

If you are from the United States you probably pronounced it “ed-in-BURG.” If you are from Scotland, you no doubt pronounced it “ed-in-BURR.” Which is correct?

During his stop in Edinburgh, my friend took questions from the audience. Someone asked him about the name of the city.

Well, sure, I say it like an American. Just because I’m here doesn’t mean I’m going to suddenly pretend that I grew up here.

My friend is from Brooklyn,New York, although he has a fairly typical American accent. It made me think about what the “right” pronounciation is.


Milan is less controversial than Edinburgh, right? It’s “me-LAWN,” isn’t it?

My middle name is Milan. No, not pronounced like you just read it. It’s pronounced “MY-lan.” Who is pronouncing the name correctly, me or the rest of the world?

I was named for an uncle. He pronounced his name “My-lan” as well. At least that’s what I’m told. He passed away long before I was born. But, it’s a family name, not the name of a city in Italy.


I’m spending the week in Louisville. Again, a name that has multiple pronounciations. How do you say it in your head?



Or like the locals.


Which is correct? Just one? All of them?

I pronounce it “LOO-vull.” Not because I am trying to convince anyone I’m from here, but because when I work with the people here, I feel it’s important to call them by the name that they choose.

It’s what I want when someone tries to pronounce my middle name.

Oh, my friend also did an Australia tour; in Melbourne. (Mel-BURN to the locals.)

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