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I Have 13 Kids. . .But, This One Is My Favorite

August 23, 2018

Of course parents have favorites. . .and the one that just tried to flush the cat down the toilet is not the favorite.

My kids are all too old to try to flush the cat the down the toilet. And we never had a cat. But, the sentiment is true. Parents have favorites.

Ask my two brothers and me who was our parent’s favorite and you are likely to get a 2-1 vote split, but I think my little brother might actually make it unanimous.

As parents we don’t try to play favorites. It’s not a good thing to have favorites. You’re not supposed to have favorites. . .right?

My son had his first high school football game today. In fact, considering this is the first year we’ve let him play football, he had his football game ever today. We never let any of our other boys play football. They really begged, too. Finally, they picked Rugby instead. It was safer.

But, this kid gets to play football. And today was his first game. Of course, we were in the stands.

He plays cornerback. That’s a position on defense where you have to guard the opposing team’s wide receivers. Wide receivers are typically the fastest players on the team.

It wasn’t until the 2nd quarter that my son got into the game.

Hey, look! He’s in!

Oh, look, they are running a play to his side.

Uh oh. I think that was his guy.

Did they serously just gain 65 yards on ONE PLAY!

His first play from scrimmage and he blew the coverage and gave up a long pass. This is not good. Before he’d made if off the field, his friend, a starting wide receiver for our team, had given him an encouraging pat on the shoulders. We have a great group of coaches. Two different coaches immeadiately pulled him aside. We couldn’t hear what they were saying from our seat in the grandstand, but it was obvious they were explaining what happened and reassuring him that he was a good player.

He was typically only brought in for obvious pass plays. Midway through the third quarter, our team clinging to a scant 3 point lead, the other team ran a play to the opposite side from my son. As the running-back curled around the end of the line, he picked up a couple blockers and streaked up the opposite sideline. He would have easily scored, if my son hadn’t blazed across the field from the opposite side, catching him to save the touchdown.

All thoughts of the earlier play were gone. This was fun.

I have two sons in high school. My other boy runs cross country. Both boys have always been great runners. My second son has a meet on Saturday. And we’ll be in the stands. . .except I’m not sure they have stands for cross country. Still, we’ll be there cheering him on. I doubt he’ll tackle anyone. But, he will run fast. I also seriously doubt he’ll blow a coverage.

He wants to compete at the Footlocker Cross Country Championships in Walnut, California in December. We’ll see how much he is willing to focus on helping his team and staying focused. But, we haven’t ruled it out.

I also have a daughter in high school. She’s in the choir. Tonight there was a parents meeting to go over a fundraiser they are planning for next month. They are trying to raise funds to go to New York City in March. They talked about how people can buy mattresses through the fundraiser and the school, and the kids get money for every sale. The guy giving the presentation was a little too polished for my taste. At one point he had a 15 year old high school girl holding four hundred dollar bills. Still it appears it will be a great deal for people who want a matteress. One in ten people in Utah will buy a mattress this year. I know, because he said so.

It sounds like a fun trip. It will be about $1300 per student. The choir director talked about the exciting venues they will be singing in. My daughter was most excited about Trintiy Church where Alexander Hamilton of “Hamilton” fame is buried. They are looking for chaperones. (No offense, but NYC is probably one of my least favorite places to visit.) I told her I’m thinking about it.

My oldest daughter showed up to the football game, along with three of my favorite people in the world, my grandkids. She makes sure that the kids enjoy getting to hang out with Grammy and Papa. It brightens my heart every time I see them.

My other children are equally remarkable. So, do I have a favorite? Absolutely.

At kickoff my favorite was the kid who made the touchdown saving tackle.

On Saturday it will be the kid who loves to run.

This evening it was the girl with the angel voice.

And during the game it was the mother of my grandkids.

So, yeah, I play favorites. Just don’t tell any of my kids.

Rodney M Bliss is an author, columnist and IT Consultant. His blog updates every weekday. He lives in Pleasant Grove, UT with his lovely wife, thirteen children and grandchildren.

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  1. Hey Rodney! 🙂

    First of all, congrats for having 13 children! 🙂

    Regarding your point about not supposed to having a favorite, I personally think it absolutely okay to have a favorite. Especially if you have 13 children. 😉 Let me explain 🙂

    Surely, you’re meant to love all of them equally. There is no debate about that.

    But I think its completely okay to have a favorite in terms of how their life is evolving. Take my brother and me…

    My brother certainly knows that he is the one who’s my dads favorite. And I know that too. The reason being that my brother has decided to a completely different career paths than me, that my dad somehow seems to agree with much more than my chosen career path.
    In fact, my father doesn’t like my career path at all (I study business psychology, my brother never went to university, instead works as a real-estate investor).
    My brother, took out many girls (just like my dad when he was young), whereas I was never interested in even going out of the house. My dad can therefore identify himself much better with my brother than with me. In this sense, we all know, that he’s my dads favorite from us two. But I’m completely okay with that! To me, it makes complete sense.

    As long as I know my dad loves both of us, and is there for us, its not a big deal. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your story! Great read !:-)

    • Honestly, partly it was an excuse to write about my son’s first game without playing favorites.

      But, I agree, especially as your children get older and you establish a friendship with them, with some you are going to be better friends than others. And as you said, that’s okay.

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