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Smoke And Football

August 10, 2018

It was 97 degrees outside today in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The calendar (and the thermometer) say it’s still summer, but fall has arrived.

The state is on fire. Not like California, but, still there are fires burning all over the state. Air quality is horrible. A fire started in Spanish Fork canyon a few days ago, and the high temps, low humidity and wind that doesn’t cool, have whipped it into a frenzy, doubling in size in 24 hours.

Some claim it’s clear evidence of Climate Change. I don’t know. I know two years ago we had an especially cold and snowy winter and we were told that weather is not the same as climate and Climate Change couldn’t be shown by a season of weather events. So, maybe it’s not.

All I know is that it’s hot and dry and the air quality is bad and I spent two hours out in it and had a blast. Oh, the conditions were terrible. I was sitting on a metal grandstand watching fourteen and fifteen year olds run up and down a field. One of them was mine.

See, football has also returned. Today was the first scrimmage for the Pleasant Grove Vikings. My son is on the sophomore team. It’s his first year playing football.

I don’t know how well he’s enjoying it, but I’m having a blast.

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