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Ode To A Toad

July 31, 2018


That’s his name. He even has ID; “Toad MIB.” And if you can’t think of another reference for “MIB” other than “Men in Black,” neither can I. I don’t think Toad can either.

Toad reached out to me last week,

Hey are you free for lunch on Tuesday?

Tuesdays are typically my work from home day. I recommended a local burger place, Chubby’s. I had to admit I wasn’t sure why Toad would be reaching out to me at this point.

But, I owe him a lot. Certainly enough to make time to go to lunch. Toad is a hustler. I mean that in the nicest possible way. He’s constantly working on multiple projects, multiple “revenue streams.” He also is one of those guys who knows an amazing eclectic collection of things.

Nearly 6 years ago, I was working to dig out from under a really big pile of debt. I had a good job, but I was new and it didn’t pay as well as I needed. I was looking to pick up a little extra work.

Toad needed someone to remodel a house. I would work at my job all day and then spend several hours remodeling a house in South Provo. Working by myself, it wasn’t going quickly, but I do good work. You would have thought I donated a kidney. Toad was estatic. He heaped mountains of praise on me. Explained that I was really helping him out, since it was a friend’s house, and basically made me feel like the greatest carpenter since the birth of Jesus.

Eventually the project was done and my regular job got busier (and started paying better.) There was an issue with the owner wanting to pay my final invoice. Toad felt terrible,

Rodney, I’ll make it up to you I promise. I’ll find the money somehow.

Have you ever considered selling your rototiller?

Oh? Are you in the market for one?

It’s a really nice rototiller. Worth much more than the amount that Toad owed me for the last invoice.

Over lunch we talked of our lives over the past half decade. We asked about each other’s kids and cars, schooling and jobs, religion and law. We came away from lunch with a promise to get together more often. We both have severe ADHD. Our tangents went off on tangents. Movie references popped up in the conversation on a nearly constant basis.

Finally, it was time for me to head a meeting with my wife and daughter and for him to go wherever he went when not having lunch with me, studying for his Accounting degree, or working on one of his many projects.

As we parted ways in the parking lot I remembered that Toad said he commuting to Salt Lake for school.

You know I have an entire garage full of tools. If you need to do an oil change or brake job, you’re welcome to do it at my house. Just would save so much money for you.

Have you ever heard of “love languages?”

Okay, that’s random. . .even for us. I’ve heard a little, but not enough to comment on it.

I think your is “acts of service.” There are lots of different ones, complements, hugs, and more, but one of them is those who show they care about others by doing things for them.

I thought about it for a second.

Well, I like you Toad. You helped me out at a time in my life that was pretty upsetting for me. We do things for friends.

I can’t remember when I had a more enjoyable lunch.

The end

Rodney M Bliss is an author, columnist and IT Consultant. His blog updates every weekday. He lives in Pleasant Grove, UT with his lovely wife, thirteen children and grandchildren.

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  1. Patricia Nelson new permalink

    We just call it the pass-along-club but now it has a new job. I’ve seen pretty amazing things happen because of the pass-along club. A woman was provided dental service instead of pulling, a woman didn’t have to drop out of her last year of law school and became a great attorney, a young man received trombone lessons when his parents just couldn’t fit it in the budget right then, we were able to purchase a house for our expanded family from Mr Wilcox at a reduced price just cause he liked us and and and. All from Franks pass along club and more.

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