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Overheard In Dallas

July 24, 2018

How was your trip?

The best answer to that is

Pleasantly boring

My trip yesterday wasn’t pleasantly boring. It was boring, but there wasn’t a lot pleasant. I spent lots of time cooling my heals in airpots. First was in my own home airport in Salt Lake City.

You aren’t supposed to get “stuck” in your own airport. But, since I took a 90 minute train ride to get to the airport, there weren’t many options I had. Eventually, I ended up in Dallas, about 6 hours later than I had planned.

I spent some time at a nice BBQ place. I also did a nice tour of the USO club to look at their challenge coin collections.

For the most part, it was long boring layover.

But, there were a couple of statements that I overheard. The first was at the wonderful BBQ place. The peole behind the counter had a nice view out through the floor to ceiling windows.

Hey Scott, did you see outside?


It’s overcast and only 99 degrees. Better get your sweater.

Consideirng the humidity was about 85%, it should be a water absorbant sweater. It brightened my mood at dinner.

Finally, at 8:30 it was time to board our plane. The plane was late coming in and everyone had experienced our share of the cascading effects of the American Airlines delays. We just wanted to get to our destination.

Group 1 may board.

Group 2, you can board.

Group 3 and 4, can now board.

Group 5 and 6. . .and Group 7 and 8. . .

The desk personnel seemed to want to get us to Vicksberg as quickly as we wanted to go. We got excited to get boarded so quickly. In fact, we were excited right up until we rounded the corner and realized that all 8 groups were standing in a very long line that really wasn’t going anywhere quickly.

We were tired. Too tired to even complain. As we were waiting to be allowed on the actual plane, we saw two flight attendants exiting the plane.

I thought you knew where you were going. I was just following you. I can’t believe you led us onto the wrong plane.

Her companion looked back and noticed the long line of passengers waiting to board the plane they had just exited.

I don’t think there’s enough room for all these people on that plane.

I turned to the stranger next to me, “That’s gotta be the most non-reassuring overheard conversation I’ve ever heard.”

(Turns out there were 44 of us on a plane designed for 122. Finally, a little good news.)

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