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Just In Time Publishing (Well Almost)

July 19, 2018

I didn’t write this week’s posts. Well, I mean, of course I wrote them. But, normally, I write these either the night before or the day of.

There’s a concept in manufacturing called “Just in time” (JIT.) Actually, I think it’s a supply chain concept. In any case, it’s the idea that you don’t make money when you have a warehouse full of product. If you can reduce the amount of inventory you have on hand, you can free up capital to expand your operation.

JIT supply chain concepts have pretty much become the norm in business. When, you see the semi pulling up to 7-11 on a couple times per week, it’s because they’ve figured out how many slurpees they are going to sell per day and they keep enough cups and straws and slurpee mix on hand for just a couple of days.

It’s why an interruption in the supply chain, like from a strike or a natural disaster results in so many shortages. First people tend to buy extra in preparation for the coming hurricane and then the trucks cannot make their normal restock runs.

I tend to practice what I call JIT publishing. This blog started about 5 years ago and I’ve managed to post every M-F since then. But, just because I know that I’ll have five posts I need to put up next week doesn’t mean that I manage to get them out early. In fact, often I’m burning the midnight oil to get today’s post up. Well, the pre-midnight oil.

Anyway, that’s my normal routine. This is not a normal week. I mentioned on Tuesday that I’m gone rafting this week. I can’t guarantee that I’ll have access from where we are camping. So, this week, I had to write it all in advance. If something super interesting or relevant happened today, I missed it. In fact, I won’t have access to the internet, so I not only didn’t write about it, I didn’t hear about it.

It’s ironic that this week I managed to get ahead of the game. Last week, as you may remember, the posts were pretty thin. My child who was in the hospital, is home and recovering nicely. But, the ER visits and the week in American Fork Hospital made it hard for me to focus on other things.

And this year, I’ll be focused, just not here.

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