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I Should Definitely Have Known That Guy

June 20, 2018

Rodney, this is Laura.

Hey, it’s been awhile. Are you still over the Accounting Disputes department?

No, I’m with Global now. Working on Process Improvement. Are you going to be around tomorrow?


I want to come by and talk to you and some of your agents about process improvement.

Sure, how about 3:00pm?

Great. See you then.

The next day at 3:00pm I got a call from our receptionist.

Rodney, there are some guests here to see you.

I’ll be right down.

And waiting in the lobby was Laura and Lowell. Laura was dressed in business dress. She had a nice blouse, a skirt and high heeled shoes. Lowell was dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and socks with sandals. He had a three day growth of beard that is fairly common in our company.

Our building has it’s own security. I took them to our security officer to get badges. As Terry, our security guard created their “All access” badges, we chilled in the hallway. Laura explained more about her new position.

So, what do you do Lowell?

I’m the Global CIO.

I’m not sure if my mouth actually fell open, or if that was only happening in my head.

I attempted to salvage my position.

Oh, that’s probably why your name sounds familiar but I didn’t attach it to a specific role.

I’m dying here.

Laura tried to smooth over my awkwardness.

Lowell is Darin’s boss.

Sure, Darin that is Jonathan’s boss?


Jonathan was my boss. So, my boss’s boss’s boss was visiting and I had no idea who he was. Not my finest moment.

We spent about 45 minutes visiting different departments and interviewing people from various roles. Lowell never gave the least indication he was anything except completely relaxed.

I on the other hand printed out the corporate org chart.

Really it was the socks with sandals that threw me off.

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