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That’s Probably Something I Should Have Known

June 8, 2018

Two bucket list items in one week!


Visiting Route 66. It’s on my bucket list.

You have a bucket list? How did I not know this?

If I was having that conversation with a coworker, it might understandable. Even a friend, I think I might be forgiven for not knowing. Unfortunately this conversation was during the drive back from Wilson Arizona to the Grand Canyon and the person telling me was my lovely wife.

It’s not like we are newlyweds, just getting to know one another. Nope. My lovely wife has put up with me for over 30 years. In all that time I didn’t realize she has a bucket list.

Are there other things on your bucket list?

Oh sure, lots.

It was like meeting a total stranger. We’ve lived less than 500 miles from the Grand Canyon for years and it was on my lovely wife’s list of the things she wanted to see before she died? I didn’t know whether to be grateful she’d finally got to see it, or appalled that me, her husband not only did make it happen, but didn’t know.

What else don’t I know? I’m pretty sure we have 13 kids. I know all their names and everything.

Six grandbabies still, right? I didn’t miss one?

She’s actually happy in our house, right? Is blue even her favorite color?

What about you?

What do you mean?

Do you have a bucket list?

Ah. . .yeah. . .I guess. . .

So, what’s on it?

Well. . .visit all 30 baseball stadiums

That’s it?

. . .So, pretty cool driving down Route 66, don’t you think?

She knows me much better than I know her.

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