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April 13, 2018

Theater 1

It’s the story of a lost girl. She’s not physically lost, of course. But, emotionally she’s swept up in a world she doesn’t understand. And not understanding means she’s ill-equipped to handle it. Her friends watch helplessly as she struggles to solve the mystery of her existance and find her true purpose.

Theater 2

It’s a coming of age story. A young man chafes at the rules as he struggles to start his life. Finally breaking away he discovers the world is not quite what he thought it was. A highly intelligent, if somewhat niave young man, he nevertheless quickly gains his footing, only to find he struggles to embrace the world around him and find joy. Finally, he feels he’s found the secret to unlock his mind and truly set himself free.

Theater 3

A young woman faces the world that she unprepared for. A natural born survivor, she recognizes the importance of a social group. But, like a fire that often burns too hot, she ends up consuming her relationships. The bridges are burning as the fire grows hotter. Desperately she struggles to form new friendships, new bridges before the old ones are gone forever.

Theater 4

A nature film. A young lionness is cut off from her pride. She struggles to care for and protect her cubs while also being able to provide them with enough to eat. She desperately tries to identify who is friend and who is foe.

Theater 5

A cartoon feature. A hapless office worker spends his weekends struggling to keep his mismatched fleet of jalopies running. Like Sisyphus and his neverending task of pushing a boulder up a hill only to see it roll back down, each repair is the starting poitn for the next breakdown. Still, he does it with a smile and doesn’t seem aware of the futile nature of his task.

Theater 6

A story of always travelling and never arriving. The main character finds himself constantly forced to take passage on a train that he knows all too well. He fears it, he despises it. Each time he endures a harrowing ride and finally exits only to find he’s back at his point of origin. He looks at the gold lettering above the baggage car. It says “ETW – The Emotional Train Wreck Express.”

I saw “A Quite Place” today. It was scary. It was good. It was scary-good. You should go see it.

It was certainly better than these other pictures. (If this post didn’t make any sense, I take full responsibility and promise to return to more lucid posts next week.)

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