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I’ll Just Add It To The List

January 31, 2018

Rodney, do you have that security response completed?

Not yet.

We got the request four days ago and it’s due today.

I know

When do you think it will be ready?


It had been a very busy day. We had a big client presentation from 9:00AM to 11:00AM that I was presenting part of. Prior to the presentation, I got word that my reporting tool was down. I kind of monitored it while prepping for the presentation.

I decided to not take my laptop into the conference room. We were going to be video conferencing with our client and our other locations around the US. I only had a couple of slides, but I didn’t want to appear to disappear behind my laptop during the rest of the meeting.

I came out to a dozen new emails and news that the reporting issue had been resolved. that was good because now one of my desktop tools was broken. I couldn’t ignore this one. Everything went on hold while I worked on the outage issue. We got it resolved a couple of hours later.

I went back to my email to try to cut down the threads growing like bamboo. Yes, I had to do that security response today. But, first I really had to get my travel booked, and there was an implementation proposal that had been sitting for a week waiting for my final sign off. And I also got a visit from our reporting manager to ask me about IT solutions to the recent reporting problem.

I was pulling up the security doc when the third outage of the day hit. Three in one day is a little excessive. This one involved agents not able to process payments. Everything back on hold to deal with that outage. An hour and a half later and we had that one done. Then Skype announced that my boss wanted to talk. The security response wasn’t all he had in mind.

I need you to work with facilities and get the badge scanners reenabled in the production space. The latest client update seems to have knocked half of them offline. We can’t have everyone filing thorugh just one set of doors.


You don’t sound convinced.

No, it’s just. . .I’ll add it to the list. Remember when we talked about getting some additional help for me?

You mean like every couple of weeks when we discuss it?

Yeah, today would be one of the days I could really use him.

I could have done the security response, but I think it would be better coming from you. You’ve got this. You did a great job in the meeting today. Your project was very successful. I’m glad you got to present about it.

Thanks. That helps.

So, when do you think you’ll get that security response?

We’re still in today.

I really do have a great boss. And I love my job. I just would like to love it a little less on days like that.

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