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And For My Second Job

November 30, 2017

It’s been a busy week for me. I have my team in Salt Lake from all around the country. the client has flown in. We all have a role to polar, but this is my project and I’m involved in a hundred different tasks and emails and even team dinner. Not that I had to plan it, but that I had to be involved. Yeah, it was busy.

So, why was I hanging off my roof last night at nearly midnight?

Because I have two jobs and the second one wouldn’t wait. Dinner wrapped up around 7:30 in Salt Lake City. Then, I gave a coworker a lift home. Then I had to do the brakes on the car my daughter drives. Then, I had to finish putting Christmas lights on my house. Then, I had to record a new intro for our Christmas light display. All of that needed to happen yesterday, after my normal job and then dinner.

Some readers have accused me of hyperbole at times; of making a mountain out of a proverbial mole hill. Did I really have to do all of that yesterday, or was I being overly dramatic?

The brakes had to e done because the car registration runs out at the end of November. I had to get the brakes done so my lovely wife could take the car today and get it inspected, so that my daughter wouldn’t be driving on expired tags.

(Pay someone to install them for me? Why would I pay someone? I swear sometimes it’s like I don’t even know you.)

Okay, so maybe the car was critical, but did I really have to put up the lights yesterday?

Yes. My neighbor and I have coordinated our Christmas lights and he set them to music. The show opens on December 1, tomorrow. But, he’s going to be busy Friday and Saturday. And I’m leaving on Sunday for a week. If I didn’t finish them know and give him a chance to test them, it would be an extra week.

The voice recording is a similar story. The light show starts off with me reading a short script. We have a version. . .it says, “2016 Light Show.”

I’m really not complaining. These are the very definition of 1st World problems. But, that doesn’t change the clock and squeeze more hours into the day.

Working two jobs is rough.

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