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My Favorite Time Of Year

October 4, 2017

It’s been a rough summer. Summer has never been my favorite time of year. It might go back to when I was a kid and ended up spending summers away from the lush green forests of Western Washington and instead was consigned to the barren desert of Central Washington.

Whatever the reason, I’m happy to bid the hotter months adieu. More so this year than ever. On the other hand, Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. The weather starts to turn cooler. We start football season. Baseball playoffs are approaching.

One of the wonderful aspects of living in Utah is the fact that Utah gets four seasons. Summers can be pretty hot and dry. It’s kind of like those summers spent in Othello, Washington. Except that Utah has mountains and valleys, slot canyons and National Parks. We definitely have a Winter season. Our license plates don’t say “Greatest Snow On Earth” for nothing. It’s ironic to think of a desert state having a robust snow season. But, even our snow is dry. Apparently, that “greatest snow” happens because it’s almost all powder. We typically don’t get the wet, heavy snows of the coasts.

Spring can be a struggle in Utah. The state doesn’t easily throw off the cold blanket of Winter. I’m always surprised by Spring. I’ll be driving through my neighborhood one day and realize that all the trees of started to bud and blossom. All seemingly at the same time.

But, Fall is where Utah shines best. We have lots of leafy trees that turn brilliant shades of red and orange, yellow and brown. It’s spectacular. And the activities around Fall are some of my favorites. We’ll can applesauce and grape juice. We’ll bake pies for the holidays. The kids will dress up in Halloween costumes that are two sizes too big so they will fit over their coats.

We’ll put the finishing touches on the yard. A final dose of fertilizer. Clean out the gutters and flowerbeds.

After a hectic year, I’m ready to ease into Fall.

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