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Day And Night

June 26, 2017

It’s just a short two day trip to Port St Lucie, Florida. Well, actually, it’s a three day trip because the flights to Salt Lake City don’t let me get back the same day we’re on site. But, it’s just a short three day trip to Port St Lucie. Well, actually, it’s kind of a four day trip since I have to be in West Palm Beach (the closest airport) at noon on Monday. So, here I sit in the Salt Lake Airport at midnight Sunday night, waiting to board a 1:05AM flight to Atlanta and then on to West Palm Beach.

So, my short two day trip became a four day trip. That’s not the part that really bothers me. As readers of this blog know, I travel a lot. In fact, between business travel and camping, most of my summer is spent headed one direction or the other.

But, I’m not used to taking the redeye, late night flight. As I packed my bag and headed out the door yesterday, all of my kids came up to give me a hug and a kiss goodbye. It was like they were seeing me off for the last time. Normally, I catch early morning flights. I pack the night before and slip out of the house before anyone else is up.

Yesterday, I packed after church, as my kids were wandering through, my granddaughter wanted someone to read her a story, and the family was settling in for an afternoon movie.

I’ll fly all night and arrive on the East coast, with it’s two hour time difference around 7:00am. Then, a three hour layover in Atlanta before another hour flight to Florida. I have to be in Florida at noon because I’m meeting my boss at the airport and we are carpooling out to a new site we are opening.

My problem is trying to decide when my day begins or began. Does it begin when I wake up in Atlanta at 7:00am? Does it begin when I get on the plane at 1:00AM in Salt Lake? Did it begin Sunday morning at 10:00AM, the time my dear granddaughter let me sleep into yesterday?

Knowing I was going to travel all night and then spend an hour driving with my boss, I did my “morning” routine yesterday evening. I took a shower. Brushed my teeth. Put on clean travelling clothes. I felt like I was just getting up as it was just getting dark.

I’ll check into a hotel today. . .or tomorrow. . .depending on how you count. It will be obvious when the day ends. It’s the beginning I’m having trouble with.

My boss is traveling from Virginia. Pretty sure, he’s sleeping right now.

Good night. . .or good morning. . .or maybe just g’day.

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