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Working A Full Day

June 22, 2017

Being self employed allows you to work half-days. . .The trick is you get to pick which half.

It’s turning into a busy summer. I realized that I am going to miss the idea of working 12 hour “half-days.” With my lovely wife spending a few days taking two of our daughters to Yellowstone, I was playing Mr. Mom (and Mr. Grandma.) No problem. She made lists before she left and my kids are all pretty responsible. My two-year old granddaughter requires attention, but is a pretty easy kid.

And then the week started rolling.

  • Monday: Baby to sitter at 8:00, work by 9:00. Home by 5:00. . . (Easy peezy)
  • Tuesday: Baby to. . .oops! Sick baby means work from home and tend her. . .Adult daughter here at 7:00pm. . .off to a late night maintenance task at work at 8:00pm. . .home at 4:00am. . .(I got this)
  • Wednesday: Baby still sick. . Work from home and tend baby. . .Midnight call for maintenance. . .follow up call at 2:00AM (I used to got this)
  • Thursday: Work during the day and another planned 8:00pm-3:00am maintenance (I can do this. . .I think)
  • Friday: First meeting scheduled at 7:30AM. . .work. . .father/son campout planned overnight
    Jerry Slone coached the Utah Jazz basketball team for many years. He was asked about a particular brutal portion of the schedule where his team was playing four games in five nights.

    Are you worried about your team’s ability to perform well that many days in a row?

    Not really. Most people have to work five days a week.

    This week those are definitely turning into full days.

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