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Once More Upon The Mountain

May 19, 2017

Because it’s there.
– George Mallory on why he wanted to climb Mt Everest

I have bad knees. It comes from too many steroids as a teenager. I was taking 125 mg per day for months when I was 14 years old. the doctors warned me they would take 4-5″ off my height. (I’m 6’0″ both my brother are over 6’3″.) What the doctor didn’t tell me was the effect it would have on my knees. The sound like crunching gravel when I stand up or squat down.

But, today I’m going to abuse them. . on purpose. I’ll strap a 35 lbs (okay, MAYBE it’s closer to 40 lbs, but only because my sons aren’t coming to help share the tent load) pack on and climb up the side of a mountain. It’s going to be too hot and then way too cold. I’m going to sleep on the ground and my knees are going to ache the whole way. Tomorrow, we’ll summit at 8500 feet and the walk down will be the worst part of the trip.

Why do I do it?

Ask me on Monday.

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