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Not What I Was Going To Mean

April 7, 2017

This was going to be an inspirational post. I had this great idea of talking about managing through faith in your employees rather than fear of them. It was going to be brilliant. Really, some of the best stuff I’ve ever written.

This isn’t that post. This is the “life” post that John Lennon claims happened while I was making other plans. It’s Spring Break for the schools here in Utah. My lovely wife took our kids down to Souther Utah to Zions National Park and St George. I didn’t feel I could take the entire week off, but decided, I’d head down on Thursday night and we’d do some stuff with my family on Friday and come home Friday evening.

Yeah, that plan was a nice plan. It’s still a nice plan I have a record of it right there in my calendar. That’s as far as it got. Our client was onsite on Thursday and what was going to be an hour or two for me to be involved turned into about 5 hours of really good, important meetings.

Yeah, sorry I’m going to have to work late to complete the stuff I ended up putting off to meet with the client. Maybe I can come down in the morning.

With no one at home waiting on me, I ended up staying at work until nearly midnight. My 45 minute commute home was surprisingly traffic-free. After winding down, I was just headed to bed around 1:30AM when my phone rang. We had a system issue and I needed to start waking people up.

We worked the issue for hours. In fact, I had to cancel my first meeting of the morning because we were still on a technical call. “Bed-time” finally arrived about 8:00am. A few hours sleep and it’s obvious I’m not going to drive a couple hundred miles South.

I love my job. But, there are times I don’t particularly enjoy it. At the end of the day, the problems got resolved and the agents were able to get back to work. That was the important thing, and that’s why I didn’t end up writing a brilliant post on “How To Not Manage Through Fear.”

On second thought, that’s not the thought I had at the end of the day. . .the day was just beginning.

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