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Company Profile: RESMARK

February 23, 2017

Which name do you think is more effective: Backroads Software or RESMARK?

Backroads Software. I like that one a lot!

We’re naming the company RESMARK.

That pretty much encapsalated my relationship with the company owner. RESMARK was a software company. Our owner owned a rafting company. He hired us and formed the company so that we could make reservation software for the rafting industry. You might think this is too narrow a niche and maybe even kind of pointless. But, most rafting companies in the US have about a 100 day season. It unofficially starts on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. During that time a large rafting company might handle 25,000 guests. That’s a lot of people to keep track of on a spreadsheet.

I was the company president at RESMARK. I was also the HR department. And Project Management. And pretty much anything else that didn’t involve writing code. I had a team of 10 developers working at RESMARK. We spent years in a previous company and in the newly spun off RESMARK company, building our software. We released on September 1, 2006. My relationship with the owner never really recovered. He knew more than I will ever know about marketing and the rafting industry. I knew more about making software than he will ever care to.

We attempted to educate each other, but ultimately parted ways. The company still exists today and the software is still in use.

Oh, and he was absolutely correct about the name. RESMARK, a blend of reservation and marketing described the product perfectly.

Company: RESMARK
Position: President
Years: 2006-2007
Best thing? Getting to hire and develop great programmers
Worst thing? . . .Well, you can guess from my description above

The end

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