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The Four Most Exciting Words

February 14, 2017

I almost never post more than once per day. I already posted about Talisman #2: The Lapel Pin. But, I couldn’t let today, of all days go by without a special added post.

Today is February 14th, and it’s a day that not enough people appreciate, but they should. In fact, given everything else that is going on, you might not have even realized that today the four most exciting words in the English language are spoken:

Pitchers and catchers report.

The ground hog may have seen his shadow two weeks ago signifying 6 more weeks of winter, but baseball fans know that Spring starts today.

Enjoy the day. Let people know. Maybe do something special for the ones you love to show them just how much today means to you. (Apparently you can buy chocolate and balloons to celebrate.)

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