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Silk Road: A True Life Story of Dark Web, Murder, Dirty Cops And More

September 8, 2016

Coming Soon: “Silk Road Memoir – A Story of Crime, Greed and Murder” 

Curtis Green was dead, murdered to prevent him sharing what he knew about Silk Road, a Dark Web site where you could buy and sell drugs. Curtis Green was an admin on the site. He worked for D.P.R. That’s the Dread Pirate Roberts. No, not the one of Princess Bride fame. Wesley made his fortune in gold. Silk Road traded in a currency called Bit Coin. The story of Silk Road reads like a fiction story. Curtis Green, back from the dead, is going to share his story in a coming book.  

Watch the teaser here

My friend, award winning author Dave Farland is helping Curtis bring his story to light now that the legal issues that were keeping him quiet are largely resolved. I’ll let Dave explain.

The Headlines are Only Half the Story

You may have heard about the Silk Road scandal in Time magazine, Wired magazine, or any of a hundred other places.
Curtis Green took a job working for a company called Silk Road, where (unknown to Curtis) his boss, nicknamed “Dread Pirate Roberts,” was trafficking drugs over the internet.

When the FBI and the DEA got wind of it, they set Curtis up in a sting operation, staging a drug bust using planted evidence.

When Curtis’s boss found out about it, he hired a hit man to cover his trail, but the FBI found out about it and staged Curtis’s assassination. The Dread Pirate Roberts got two life sentences for his crimes, but the story wasn’t over.
The FBI and DEA agents that were investigating the crimes decided to steal millions from Silk Road. Now they’re also in prison.

Curtis wants to tell his story and clear his name. Due to legal issues, he hasn’t been able to talk or write about what happened–until now. As you can imagine, the legal bills were staggering. So I’ve agreed to help him start a fundraiser so that he can pay for some basic help on the writing and editing of his amazing autobiography. We’ll be kicking the fundraiser off Theis week, offering exciting gifts and prizes.

Thank you in advance for your help and consideration.

David Farland

The Silk Road story fits perfectly in the intersection of computers and business. Bit Coins introduce a whole new way that companies can do business. It’s alway a way for crooks to steal. While your business isn’t selling drugs on the internet, Curtis Green provides a lesson for all IT administrators. If all we do is keep the computers running, are we selling drugs? What if I don’t know what is happening over that computer link? Am I an innocent bystander, or am I the bookkeeper of Auschwitz? 

What happens when the cops, also versed in computer skills, use those skills to steal the new electronic currency? 

I’ll be helping Dave and Curtis bring their story to light by helping spread the word. You can follow the story on David Farland’s web site My Story Doctor.

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