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The Right Place At The Right Time

July 13, 2016

We went on vacation to Yellowstone National Park.

The first day it was cold. . .And then it rained.

The second day it was cold. . .and rainy.

And then the third day happened.

I grew up in Washington; Western Washington. It rains a lot. I’m used to it, or at least I used to be. I’m not sure any more. We realized our current family tent is definitely a summer tent. After the drowning first day we added an after market rain fly.

But, the park was beautiful that second day, and maybe the rain kept some of the crowds away. 

The third day dawned clear and cold. The dew was heavy enough to have masqueraded as the remnants of yet another mountain storm had the peaceful night’s sleep with no rain pounding on the tarp, not belayed the thought.

I quietly started getting things ready for another camping breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes. In bear country all food and cooking gear must be stowed each night. The morning ritual included dragging the stove, propane tank, coolers, food and utensils out of the bear proof van before any actual cooking could occur. 

As I assembled my stove and hooked up the fuel, I happened to glance through the trees toward the lake. And I realized that the previous rain soaked days were worth it if it brought us today.

The sunlight filtered through the swirling mist. A crane lazily lifted off the water to disappear into the foggy reaches. I stood transfixed by the beauty of the living post card I had stumbled into.

I reveled in being in the right place at the right time.

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  1. Blue tarp camper, you’re one of us! I enjoyed your tale of rain at Yellowstone and as a fellow WW, I feel your pain. I noticed that when it does rain while I’m camping in any other spot other than WW, it seems to rain. But I think you and I are use to it. Enjoy the trip!

    • I should have had someone stand there for scale. It’s a 20×40 tarp covering two tents. Weather the rest of the week has been absolutely gorgeous. I don’t do many extended trips, but this one has been good. . . considering the rain.

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