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I Thought She Was Just A Secretary…Boy, Was I Wrong

March 31, 2016

I’m in Shreveport. I’m meeting lots of new people. Today, one of these new people came into the conference room we were using as a base. She was kind of loud. She was actually more than a little loud. I thought she might be an assistant to the Call Center Manager. Or maybe a member of the Fun Committee. No one introduced us so I most kept quiet. 

She continued to dominate conversations. She had opinions on nearly everything. Eventually I overheard someone else saying, “oh she’s a VP over operations.

That’s <bleeping> executive Vice President, to you!

In an instance my entire perception changed. Rather than loud, she was now forceful. Rather than “in everyone’s business,” now she was well connected with her team. 

I have many strong women in my life, my mother, my wife, my daughter. I’m not threatened by female bosses. But, I surprised myself at how much my opinion was clouded by my perception of the role the woman had in the organization. 

It definitely gave me something to think on.

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