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Best of 2015 #5: A Good Muse is Hard To Find

December 25, 2015

Each year between Christmas and New Years, I recap the best 5 blog posts from the previous year as chosen by you, the readers. It’s simple. I just look at what blog entries got the most views and post the top five in reverse order. . . Except it’s not easy. This year was crazier than most. I did a series on Howard Tayler and Schlock Mercenary last week. It was by far the most popular entries I’ve written not just this year, but any year. Howard’s fans are enthusiastic and love to read about him. Howard and Sandra, his wife and business manager were very accommodating in granting me some pretty serious interview time. The series went well, it doubled my view rates for the entire year. Yes, it was the most popular. . .by far. 

I’m not going to repost blog entries from a week ago. So, I had to look a little further back. There were several posts from previous years that remain popular: 

But, this list is about new posts in 2015 that people found interesting. The fifth most popular 2015 post (excluding Schlock Mercenary posts) was about writing and finding inspiration. I explain where the phrase Muse comes from and how I court mine. 

Best of 2015 #5: A Good Muse is Hard to Find

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