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Am I Adding Value Or Just Noise?

November 24, 2015

I read your blog entry about writing letters.


Yeah. I’ve decided something. 

What’s that?

I’ve decided to start writing letters.

I think we all want to feel we are adding value to the world. I get a certain amount of satisfaction out of my job, but I know that if I quit tomorrow, they’d find someone else to step in and do the job I’m doing. And imposter syndrome hints that maybe that other person would do it better than me. 

But, this blog is not part of my job. And while I appreciate people clicking on the ads, I don’t even get any money for the ads. I do it for me. Some days I think I have something important to say. More often than not, I simply want to tell an interesting story, or explain a life lesson that I learned. 

Frankly, I’m always amazed when I meet people who have read something here that made an impression. And then occasionally I get a comment like the one above. It came from my brother, who to my great pride and chagrin is a much more popular writer than I am. 

It was a great post. I mean it. When you can write something that makes someone else change their actions, that’s powerful.

Friends have commented how wonderful it will be for my kids to be able to go back and read the camping stories and other memories I record here; kind of like an online journal. And while there certainly are aspects of a journal in the things I choose to write, I’m careful to not tell other people’s stories. I don’t do a good job of keeping a journal. Wait, that’s not true. I do a great job. I have the same journal that I’ve had for the past 20 years. It’s not full yet. But, I don’t do as good a job writing in it as I think I should. 

So, this blog is not a journal, although I use it to tell stories. Originally, I started writing while I was between jobs. I wanted a place to write an extended resume. And while I keep future employers in mind when I write, even that purpose has kind of faded from importance. 

Why do I write? Why do you write? Why does anyone write who doesn’t get paid for it? 

I think we want to make the world a little better. Most of the writers I know are optimists, but just slightly introverted. They have things that they want to tell the world, but would rather do it behind a keyboard than behind a microphone. 

I look at each day as an opportunity to share something that might make someone’s day better. Maybe, someone starting out in their career will be able to avoid some of the pitfalls I’ve experienced. Maybe someone will draw inspiration from stories of camping with my kids. Maybe I’ll actually offer a business principle that will help someone. 

Maybe I’ll inspire someone to do something as simple as write a letter. 

Whatever it is, I simply hope that I add value and not just noise. 

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