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Shortest Support Call Ever

September 22, 2015

Ring, ring

I’m working on it.

Ha, ha.


That was it. The shortest support call I’ve ever been part of. There’s some backstory, of course. I ran a small startup company called RESMARK. My buddy Dave (Heart Mind Code) was my lead developer. But, the call had nothing to do with our program. 

Howard Tayler ( was a mutual friend. Howard has just recently left Novell to try on cartooning full time. Dave and I were very interested in Howard’s success. We still are, but Howard no longer needs our help. He seems to have figured out that “draw a comic and give it away for free on the internet everyday” strategy. 

One of the most impressive streaks that Howard has maintained is that since Schlock first launched on June 12, 2000 until today, his comic has updated everyday. He’s never missed a day. I’ve often talked about the fact that Howard is one of my role models for this blog. Unlike Howard and his typical 30 day buffer, I write my posts the night before they post. But, I set a goal very early on to update consistently; Monday through Friday at 7:00AM. . .or so. 

A very wise marketing VP explained to me one time how you become an expert on the Internet; persistance and presence. Show up every day and keep doing it. I think there needs to be an element of talent in there as well. Practice doesn’t make perfect. PERFECT practice makes perfect. But, you can have the best content in the world, be it a comic, or a youtube channel or a meandering blog if you are inconsistent, you will eventually frustrate your base to the point they will give up. 

I’m constantly amazed when I’m talking to my friends and I mention I’m a writer.

Well, I write this blog every weekday about business and personal events.

Yeah, I know. I read it every day.

And I. . wait. What? 

Anyway, consistency is very important. And that’s what led to that short phone call. Dave provided support for Howard’s website. Every evening I would go to Schlock Mercenary and read the new comic. One night it was 9:15 and the comic still didn’t show up. If there was an issue, Dave would be the guy that needed to fix it. 

Dave recognized my phone number and knew exactly what I would be calling him about at 9:15pm. We still laugh about it these many years later. 

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