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25 Things I Learned Climbing Mt Timpanogos

September 4, 2015
  1. When boys lead, they often have more enthusiasm than sense
  2. Hike in groups, or at the least use the buddy system
  3. Don’t let your small goals get in the way of the big goals
  4. Keep moving forward
  5. 3:00 AM is really dark. Seriously, if you’re away from town, it’s pitch dark
  6. Cold water will not cook your freeze dried meal, not even it was hot “when I left that tent over there”
  7. The Timpanooke trail is noisy all night long. Expect it
  8. When good hiking boots wear out, you bruise your feet
  9. Take lots of pictures, you can always delete some later
  10. Stay on the path
  11. Leave rock cairns for those coming behind
  12. Camping “At Scout Falls” doesn’t mean you will actually SEE Scout Falls
  13. If lost, don’t head for Scout Falls
  14. The view from the summit, is worth every step
  15. Ibuprophen is your friend. Take enough
  16. Water is heavy. . .many essential things are
  17. Carry extra water UP the mountain. Don’t carry extra water DOWN the mountain
  18. Most people on the trail are nice people. . .be one of those people
  19. The summit is windy. . and cold. Don’t leave your jacket at camp
  20. I’m old
  21. But, not too old to make it to the top
  22. My son is one of the nicest people I know
  23. Walking sticks are not fashion statements. They are tools
  24. Utah has some beautiful country
  25. If you don’t want to see more of it than you bargined for. . .bring your own map!

This week I’m writing a series of posts about climbing Mt Timpanogos.

Monday: Getting Lost in the Wasatch Mountains
Tuesday: Not Just Up, but Way, Way, Up and Away
Wednesday: The Temptation To Give Up Once You Can See The Goal
Thursday: Racing The Sun To the Summit

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