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Life, The Universe and. . .Well, Not Exactly Everything

February 13, 2014

So, did I or didn’t I?

Come on, you know you’re curious about whether I went all fanboy on Orson Scott Card, or if I managed to “act like I’d been there before.” (From yesterday’s “How Not To Be A Fanboy. . .I Hope.”

This is a classic good new/bad news scenario.

First, the good news. No. I did not embarrass myself and go all fanboy when I met Orson Scott Card (He’s just Scott to his friends. . .No, I’m not one of his friends.) So, mission accomplished right?


The bad news, there’s apparently some frigid precipitation related weather event currently engulfing the East Coast of the United States. It cancelled thousands of flights. Including the one that Mr Card was planning to take. He didn’t make it.

Ironically, Utah is experiencing an early spring. I went and sat outside the convention hotel at lunch yesterday. It was about 50 degrees. If you’re in California, that’s bundle up weather. If you live in the normally freezing, snowing, “greatest snow on earth” state of Utah, 50 is shirtsleeve weather. I did eventually have to go inside since it started to rain slightly.

For those who are curious, here’s what I did yesterday.


That’s my 8 channel Mackie mixer board. This is a reading of a play for four people. So, I ran multiple mics and speakers. It was a clever performance making fun of how Utahns talk.

There’s a chance that Orson Scott Card will be here today, but he’s for sure planning to come on Saturday. The current plan is to use Skype for one of his panels today if he can’t get a flight. Since I’m the A/V gopher
I’ll most likely be the one that hooks up the mics and speakers so that the auditorium full of people can hear him and ask him questions.

I’m pretty sure that I can contain my excitement if we’re just Skyping today. But, if he makes an appearance in person, I’m right back to having to decide whether to unleash my inner fanboy.

I’ll let you know.

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