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And Sometimes You Just Get Lucky

December 31, 2013

The best of 2013. This blog entry was the most popular piece I wrote last year. It spawned an interesting discussion with a good friend who writes ( Dave objected to the idea that it was luck. Maybe not, but in the moment, I sure remember feeling lucky!

Thanks for a wonderful year, and I hope you still around through 2014 as I continue bringing you daily doses of thoughts on building effective teams and individuals.

Happy New Year to you all.

Rodney M Bliss

(Photo credit:

Rodney, I know you’re here to work on a problem for the IMF, but would you mind stopping by Marriott headquarters first and taking a look at an issue they have?

Ah. . .Okay. . .I guess. But, James, I really don’t have any of the background on Marriott. I’ve been working on the IMF issue for 2 months. I don’t even know where to start with Marriott. What’s their issue?

I’m not totally sure, but the head of their IT department can explain it to you. He’s held his staff late in the hopes you’d be able to stop by. We’re almost to their headquarters now.

I felt my stomach tighten up. Like there wasn’t already enough pressure having one customer with a nasty problem, now I’m being hit with a second one before we’ve barely left the airport. What do you do when you are…

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