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I Don’t Care What You Know! What Can You Do?

December 26, 2013

Best of 2013. The story of Kerry and Ed, one with all the learning, one with all of the action, was the 4th most popular blog entry for 2013.

Rodney M Bliss

Kerry was one of the most qualified people I’d ever met. . .at least on paper. If there was a certification, he had it. ITIL, Six Sigma, PMP, and more that I’d never even heard of. Just about anything you could spend a few thousand dollars of corporate training dollars on and a couple weeks at a convention center in Miami, or San Diego, he had it.

And it wasn’t just the paper certs, he had also read countless business books, and could talk about them at length. He could debate the finer points of Agile methodology versus the Waterfall technique. He introduced me to one of my favorite books, “Influencer.”

He was forever finding ways to better organize his knowlege.

Kerry, what are you doing?

I’m creating a Mind Map of different concepts introduced in several different business books so that I can plot their commonalities and their unique…

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  1. D'mon Jones permalink

    Very nice blog Rod!

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