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The Benefits Of Having Authors For Friends

Getting books in the mail: Good

New books in the mail

Packages full of books

I got a package today. It was books. I love books. I love owning books. I love reading books. I love holding books. And I especially love getting books.

Getting books written by a friend: Better

My friend Stacy Dymalski sent me her books

Stacey Dymalski and I have been friends for a long time. She lives in California, but she used to live in Park City, UT. It’s where her kids went to school. Her son was part of my neighbor Caleb Chapman’s Crescent Super Band, a professional jazz band made up of high school kids.

I think she was involved with Toastmasters while I was also part of that group. Stacy and I never worked together, or even performed anywhere together.

Somehow we became friends. After her kids graduated, Stacy moved to California. She writes screenplays, performs a one woman show, writes books, and I’m sure other things to keep herself busy. She was one of the first to congratulate me when my story, The Mercy System was published in Miscellany II.

Getting autographed books: Best

Autographed books are the best

I love books. I also collect autographed books. They generally don’t hae more value since I love to have them personalized as well. I haven’t met all the writers that I have autographed books from. But, I’ve met most of them.

My autographed books collection

My dear mother met Colin Powell and got me an autographed copy of his biography “My American Journey” as well as Malcolm Gladwell and his book “Tipping Point.” My friend Howard Tayler met Cliff Stoll the author of the brilliant “Cuckoo’s Egg.” I’ve met the rest of the authors that are on my shelf.

A few of mine are there too. And now Stacy’s books, “Confessions of a Band Geek Mom,” and “Nine Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book” join the list. I will be doing reviews of them in the coming months.

Stay safe

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