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Too Much Of A Good Thing. . .Is Bad

We have both kinds of music here, Country and Western.

Country music fans are the most broadminded music lovers in the world. Think about it. How many people do you know who say, “I love all types of music. . .except Country.” Country music lovers include teh genres that other people love and more. 

I love country music. While I have a large music collection. Country is what I listen to when I want to relax. When I travel, I spend the first few minutes in the rental car getting accustomed to the car; check the mirrors, figure out where the lights are and spend some time finding a country music station on the radio. 

Recently I found myself travelling to Richmond, VA for several weeks in a row. I made sure to keep track of the local Country music station. It’s Hank 93.1 FM. They play a lot of Classic Country. Even among Country Music fans, Classic Country turns some people off. You know that “twang” that you hate when listening to your grandparents’ radio stations? It’s called an steel guitar and it’s all over Classic Country. 

I love it. 

But, I have a problem when I travel to Richmond. Hank 93.1 FM is not a very powerful radio station. It works in Henrico county, where our office is located, but if you get too far from there it starts to fade. Or, if you listen late at night when the FCC broadcast power requirements change, it fades, or if it’s a particularly rainy day, it fades. 

And often, as it fades, the radio station from a neighboring county bleeds through. I think that other station is also a country station, but I can’t really tell. It’s too garbled. In a sense, I should be happy, right? Not just one Country radio station, but TWO stations! In reality, it destroyes the ability to listen to either one. 

I don’t drink Slurpee’s much since I quit drinking soda. However, this summer has been exceptionally warm and my drive home goes right past a 7-11. Have you ever noticed the Slurpee machine? There are almost always multiple flavors. Like everyone, I find myself mixing flavors. Cherry-Lime with a dash of Lemonade. Or Pina Colada with some banana. 

Compare that to taking my kids to a self-serve fountain drink location. The younger they are the more they want to mix things up. 

By the time they get done, they have a concoction that tastes like nothing recognizable. 

Choices are fine, choosing ALL the choices is not. 

My office wants to protect our computers. We have multiple layers of defense. We have email spam filters and network perimeter defenses. We have anti-virus software installed on our desktop. Occasionally  someone will download and install a second anti-virus package. Invariably they have to remove it. 

Anit-virus software wants to monitor who is looking at files, especially system files to determine if some program might be a threat. You know what programs look most like a threat? Anti-virus software. If you install two packages, they will each accuse the other of being a virus. 

Too much ofa  good thing is often a bad thing. Better to have nothing than try to listen to two different radio stations at the same time. 

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