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Procrastinating My Way To Covid Protections

I went to the doctor last week. I had to start up a series of medications. It was a formality mostly.

While I was there I asked about Covid boosters. I got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. And then a few months later I got a second Johnson & Johnson shot.

But, that’s been months ago. I’ve been trying to decide if I should get a booster. Should I get an mRNA booster? Should I get another Johnson & Johnson shot?

Every time I tried to research what the preferred course of action was, I was confused. So, I kept putting off getting another shot.

But, I wondered if I should still get a shot.

So, I asked my doctor about it last week.

Well, you are over 50, so you would fall into the group that can get a booster. But, we know that it only is effective for a few months. So. . .you can get one, but unless you are in a high risk group or you are concerned, I would recommend you wait.

Wait, what? All those months that I was not getting the shot, and I thought I was simply procrastinating? I was actually following my doctor’s advice.

I procrastinated my way to proper Covid protections.

Sometimes it pays to do nothing.

Stay safe

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